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Jason Kirk is an incurable bibliophile. He lives and works in Seattle and is the author of Reverb: Poems and The Other Whites in South Africa. Thick-skinned and quick to laugh, he regrets little and sleeps less.

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The Language of Science Is Language: Lee Smolin and "Time Reborn"

All things originate from one another, and vanish into one another according to necessity... in conformity with the order of time. -- Anaximander, On Nature My second favorite book is called The Life of the Cosmos. Originally published in 1997, it details physicist Lee Smolin's ideas about cosmological natural selection,...

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Oliver Broudy: My Favorite Kind of Atheist

Non-believers generally fall on a spectrum from militant to utterly disinterested, but some, like New Yorker Oliver Broudy, truly care about religious faith. To their immense credit, they tend to be actively curious listeners with an overt willingness to suspend disbelief and approach the faithful with the peace offering of...

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Gonzo Curiosity: David Wolman and "The End of Money"

The most important thing that teachers can impart to their students is a desire to learn. Similarly, there's a certain class of book that I think of--and evangelize--as "nonfiction for non-specialists." When successful these books tackle widely relevant subjects via more or less dramatic narrative, spun in language that's unabashedly...

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