Jon Foro
Jon Foro
Jon has spent over 25 years in the book business--and over 16 years at—buying, selling, and writing about books. He enjoys narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, and adventure and nature writing, especially books about bears.

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No Country for Old Men

In honor of Peyton Manning's victory over death and inexorable time, a list of writers over retirement age with new books coming this year.

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Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair!

How does a man-made disaster that killed 500 innocents near a burgeoning metropolis become a historical footnote? It's a story worthy of the poem "Ozymandias."

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It's Not Dark Yet, But It's Getting There.

At first glance, some of our picks for the best Biographies & Memoirs of January seem a little bit grim. But read deeper and you'll find more that's uplifting than discouraging. We promise.

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Shame and the Modern Celebrity

Four celebrities included So You've Been Publicly Shamed in lists of their favorite books of 2015. You see, they're just like you and me after all.

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"Lonely, Intensely Difficult, and Generally Torturous"

Reza Aslan, author of the 2013 bestseller Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, interviews artist Molly Crabapple about her new memoir, Drawing Blood.

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Major Ursa: "The Revenant" as an Excuse to Talk About Bears

A list of books about grizzly bears and grizzly people, inspired by the opening of Leonardo DiCaprio's new film, The Revenant.

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"The Thousand Dollar Dinner": The Original Culinary Smackdown

Relive the 1851 night (and the 17-course menu) when a group of wealthy Philadelphians commissioned chef James Parkinson to outdo their New York counterparts in a contest of epic culinary proportions--an event that foreshadowed our own cook-off crazed culture.

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Autobiography of a Hellboy

With his iconic roles in Beauty and the Beast, Hellboy, and Sons of Anarchy, Ron Perlman has built an impressive and singular film and television career to match his impressively furrowed brow, a decades-spanning road-not-taken path to stardom recounted in...

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The Best Books of the Year: Nonfiction

The Oregon Trail, the account one man's redemptive, “crazyass” journey across the West in a mule-driven wagon, is our selection for the best Nonfiction book of 2015. See what else we picked.

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The Best Biographies & Memoirs of 2015

When choosing the best books of the year (or your favorites, depending on how much you want to acknowledge the subjectivity of a scheme like this), you risk outsmarting yourself. What will others' lists look like, and who will take...

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You Can't Win, Darth: A Remembrance of Things Past

Return to the time when Darth Vader's true identity was somehow not obvious, and back yards everywhere were strewn with the debris of homemade lightsabers.

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