Jon Foro
Jon Foro
Jon has spent over 25 years in the book business--and over 16 years at—buying, selling, and writing about books. He enjoys narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, and adventure and nature writing, especially books about bears.

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Why Read This Post? Because It's There.

I don't climb mountains, because I am sure that I would die. I love reading about it from the comfort of my armchair, though. And clearly I'm not alone: ever since Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air hit the best-seller lists...

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The Last Word on Nerds: A Treatise by Rainn Wilson, Noted Bassoonist

The Bassoon King author and The Office star breaks down the dweebs and "oddball losers" of the nerd world, including Stinkies, Gandalfs, Twenty-Siders, and, yes, Bassoonists.

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Wax On: An Ode to an Enduring Obsession

Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting ventures into the homes and record rooms of the most passionate collectors, presenting the epic collections of the DJs, dealers, and quiet fanatics that drive this anachronistic pursuit.

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Best Books of the Month: Entertainment

We are living in a Golden Age of celebrity memoirs, if that's a reasonable thing to say. Here are five selections from Best Books of November in Entertainment, including Carrie Brownstein's Hunger Made Me a Modern Girl.

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"Because in My Head It’s Real": Welcome to Marwencol

In 2000, five men beat Mark Hogancamp into a coma, leaving him with devastating injuries while erasing decades of memories. To rebuild his life, Hogancamp invented a World War II-era Belgian town: Marwencol. It might be therapy, but this imaginary land is no idyll.

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Oh, the Humanity: More New York Stories from Brandon Stanton

If you're one of the more than 15 million readers of Brandon Stanton's blog, you're already familiar with his intensely personal glimpses into the lives of strangers though his portraits and the impromptu, often raw thoughts that accompany them. In our interview from Book Expo America, Stanton talks about his new book, Humans of New York: Stories, the future of his project, and more.

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Luddites Beware: "The Master Algorithm" Is Nigh

According to Pedro Domingos, the self-organizing data of the future goes well beyond book recommendations and hook-up applications; in fact, he presents a case for something of a sci-fi paradise. Here he offers five ways that artificial intelligence will change the world and the way we exist.

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Lex Author: Jesse Eisenberg on "Bream Gives Me Hiccups"

Actor/author Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Batman vs. Superman) talks to the Amazon Book Review about his short story collection, Bream Gives Me Hiccups, the parallels between acting and writing, and why people might call him "whip-smart."

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Big Bad Bill Murray

Bill Murray is your coolest uncle: he drops by from time to time to amaze you with his latest adventure--in this case, an unpredictable role or quirky film--then shoves off again without leaving expectations about when he might return, or what he'll have done.

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The 2015 National Book Award Finalists

It's getting serious. This morning, the National Book Foundation announced the finalists for its annual awards across four categories: Fiction, Nonfiction, Young People's Literature, and Poetry. See who made the cut.

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