Jon Foro
Jon Foro
Jon has spent over 25 years in the book business--and over 16 years at—buying, selling, and writing about books. He enjoys narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, and adventure and nature writing, especially books about bears.

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The Best Biographies & Memoirs of August

Oh, the humanity. This month's picks are overflowing with it.

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Pangs of New York

A short list of recent books celebrating, lamenting, and occasionally decrying the changes in the Big Apple over the past three decades.

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Centipede Butts: It's What's for Dinner

Are insects the future of haute cuisine? In Bugged, David MacNeal' imagines a time where we will be "requesting more flies in the soup."

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It's Not Dark Yet, But It's Getting There.

It's not quite a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it's close. Here is a short list of books (and a couple of other necessary items) to make the most of the Great American Eclipse of 2017.

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Cactus Ed vs. the Hippie-Hater: An Illustrated Tale of Two Haircuts

Author and occasional cartoonist David Gessner contrasts two giants of Western literature - Ed Abbey and Wallace Stegner - starting at the top with their most conspicuous, if superficial, difference: their chosen hairstyles.

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Celebrity Picks: Bill Nye

The mechanical engineer, crime-fighting speed-walker, and author of Everything All at Once shares the books he reads to sate his own curiosity. It's not all science for the Science Guy (but a lot of it is).

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The Best Nonfiction of the Year So Far

Including a "brief history" of humanity's future, a book by a word-nerd for word-nerds, and a couple of explorations of the darker corners of the internet.

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The Best Biographies & Memoirs of the Year So Far

In the olden days, you'd have to wait till November or December to find out which books were the year's best. Not anymore; here are the best biographies and memoirs of 2017... so far. (This list may change in November or December.)

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Just Say Nein: Hitler's Nation of Speed Freaks

A addiction epidemic consumes a nation while its outwardly abstemious leader escalates an ineffectual War on Drugs. Where are we again? Oh yeah, the Third Reich. Narcotics - cocaine, opiates, and especially methamphetamines - permeated every level of German society, from hausfraus to the military to the upper levels of...

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A Tale of Two Thrillers

At first glance, it doesn't seem that Daniel Riley's Fly Me and Gin Phillips's Fierce Kingdom have much in common. One is the story of a newly minted Vassar graduate who drifts into a career as a stewardess in 1972 L.A.; the other a real-time thriller about the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her child. But maybe there's more to it. Here Riley and Phillips discuss their approaches to their books, their characters, and the dilemmas they face.

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