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Kevin Nguyen is a sucker for short story collections, magical realism, novels that have nothing to do with New York City, comics that reinvent superhero mythology, books with colophons, and a number of other literary things that he likes to talk about for hours on end at parties. Which might explain why he hasn't been invited to a party since 2006.

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Horses of the Apocalypse: Scott Cheshire's American Epic

A blurb from Philipp Meyer hails Scott Cheshire's debut novel, High as the Horses' Bridles, as "a great new American epic." At first glance, the page count of Bridles seems too slim to be an epic. But within its swift 300 pages, Cheshire's thematic scope is cast wide, capturing a...

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Memories of Magadan: Kseniya Melnik's Inspiration for "Snow in May"

In her new short story collection Snow in May (a Best Books of May pick in Literature & Fiction), Kseniya Melnik explores a breadth of characters--from the past to the near present--and how their lives lead back to the small Russian town of Magadan. It's a diverse but cohesive set...

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Fake Proposals, Intriguing Propositions and the Unusual Poetry of Hedgehogs

I grew up battling my brother in just about every two-player videogame released in the '90s. But little did I know that while my sibling and I were duking it out on our TV, Japanese console manufacturers Sega and Nintendo were similarly engaged in a competition for videogame dominance. This...

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Bombs Over Sad Dad: IMing with Nathan Deuel

If parenting is the hardest job in the world, imagine doing it in a place of civil unrest. Nathan Deuel's book, Friday Was the Bomb, spans the five years he and his daughter Loretta spent in Turkey and Lebanon as Deuel's wife, an NPR foreign correspondent, reported from Baghdad and...

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Author Shot 1

Pain and Gain: An Interview with Leslie Jamison

"Empathy comes from the Greek empatheia—em (into) and pathos (feeling)—a penetration, a kind of travel," Leslie Jamison writes. "It suggests you enter another person's pain as you'd enter another country, through immigration and customs, border crossing by way of query: What grows where you are? What are the laws? What...

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A Mystery of Violence: An Interview with Evie Wyld

All the Birds, Singing is a haunting novel that opens with question: what is killing the sheep? Each morning, Jake Whyte's discovers the mangled remains of one of her flock, and it's unclear whether the culprit is a group of teenagers, a fox, or something far more sinister. But in...

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Lay of the Land: Photos from Arlo Crawford's "A Farm Dies Once a Year"

After finishing Arlo Crawford's memoir A Farm Dies Once a Year, I found myself wanting to quit my desk job and do something that involves working with my hands. The book details Crawford's decision to leave his city life to help out on his parents' farm in rural Pennsylvania. To...

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Up All Night: Karen Russell on Writing "Sleep Donation"

If the power of books is to bring people together, then there's perhaps no example more literal than the Craigslist missed connection I stumbled across just minutes before interviewing Karen Russell. The posting, titled (sic) "karen russel cutie - w4m", was written by an Austin-based woman who met a man...

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Spotlight Feature: Phil Klay, Author of "Redeployment"

I had the chance to sit down with Phil Klay, author of our March Best of the Month Spotlight Pick, Redeployment. Check out our feature-length profile of Klay, in which he discusses his short story collection, his deployment in Iraq during the surge, and the myths of war that he...

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Drinks with Kevin Roose, Author of "Young Money"

The financial crisis of 2008 not only changed the landscape for banks and investment firms, but also spoiled the reputations they once maintained. And still, places like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse were able to recruit some of the Ivy League's best and brightest. For three years, New...

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