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"What's More Brave than Throwing Yourself into the Unknown?" - A Conversation with Author Jamie Harrison

Jamie Harrison's novel The Widow Nash is a sweeping story about a woman named Dulcy Remfrey. After her father's death, Dulcy escapes her ex-fiance and her complicated past to start a new life in Montana as "Mrs. Nash." While reading the book, I found myself asking the same question over and over - Can she pull it off?

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"Discipline, Pain, and Good Fortune": A Debut Novelist Discusses His Path to Publication

“I’m living in an apartment where my kitchen is my bedroom is my living room, working the graveyard shift at a homeless shelter and detox center, when it hits me that whatever I was writing way back then, whatever spark I had, it was something I’d been running from.…”

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Murder, Crazy Love, Madness: Rosecrans Baldwin on "The Last Kid Left"

The author of Paris, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down has written a novel inspired by a sensational 1930s true crime...

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, a fun day at the zoo gone horribly wrong, beating the odds, a murder mystery, natural disasters, the cult of celebrity, and more...

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A Debut Novel by a Young Irish Writer Influenced by J. D. Salinger

What makes this book such a pleasure to read is Rooney’s sure hand with dialogue, some of it in email and text messages, and the unsettling juxtaposition of her characters’ intellectual sophistication and their less straightforward behavior.

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Amazon's Best Books of July: Today's Releases

Something for speculative fiction fans, gripping nonfiction about a series of mysterious arsons that terrorized a community on the rural Virginia coast, and two impressive debuts...

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, fair food, fury, and borderland dreams deferred...

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Amazon's Best Books of July: Today's Releases

A provocative novel about a washed-up cartoonist in the throes of an existential crisis, a fun and funny homage to the 1970s, and cowboys!

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, a dishy oral history of the New York music scene post 9/11, people who see dead people, and more...

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A Distinctively American Novel for the Fourth of July Weekend

We often talk about writers having a distinctive voice, but Patrick Dacey's story of a family bruised by the pressures of character and changing fortunes will make you appreciate the value of a great ear.

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