Dog Days of Summer: Book Suggestions from our Furry Friends

The Amazon book editors are moving this week, so while we pack up our books, we're handing the book recommendation reins over to our fuzzy dog companions in the office, who have managed to dodge packing duties due to lack...

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Fall Reading Preview

Fall Reading Preview

For those of you clinging to the last vestiges of summer, the headline of this post might sting a little bit. The good news is...

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"Voices in the Ocean," an Exclusive Essay from Author Susan Casey

The best-selling author of Voices in the Ocean reveals some special details about dolphins and how a chance meeting with a curious group of them caused "effects that rippled out, wave-like, to every corner of my life."

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Do the Hustle: Iceberg Slim, the King of Street Lit

What to make of Street Poison, Justin Gifford's biography of the notorious hustler, Iceberg Slim? It's certainly not a redemption story; Slim--born Robert Beck in Chicago in 1918--was not often a good man, having turned early to crime and, following...

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Street Poison

Amazon's Best Books of August: Part Two

In part one of Amazon’s Best Books of August, Sara Nelson pointed out that it’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great reads. The trend continues in part two..

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Best of August

Amazon's Best Books of August: Part One

August always seems to be peak reading time – and this month, we found almost more great books than we could cram into allotted weeks of vacation...

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Road Trips & Audiobook Adventures Ahead!

Summer means road trips, and road trips mean long stretches of time that are best filled with captivating audiobooks. Check out these 18 best audiobooks selected by Audible and the Amazon Editors to make the miles fly by for the whole family.

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Get Behind the Mule: New Adventures on the Oregon Trail

Well into middle-age, Rinker Buck found himself divorced, at the edge of bankruptcy, and growing blunt through the twin demons of ennui and alcohol. This was not a state he was accustomed to; instilled by his father with a sense...

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Let's Be Less Stupid

Spring Clean Your Brain: Patricia Marx on "Let's Be Less Stupid"

Patricia Marx is my favorite kind of humorist. A funny one. Here, in words and drawings from her book Let's Be Less Stupid...

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The Next Next Level

A Story of Rap, Friendship, and Almost Giving Up

One of the great joys of sifting through piles and piles of books every month is that sometimes you find a little gem...

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