Centipede Butts: It's What's for Dinner

Are insects the future of haute cuisine? In Bugged, David MacNeal' imagines a time where we will be "requesting more flies in the soup."

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, secret sourdough societies, horrific books, boozy cocktails, and more...

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Cactus Ed vs. the Hippie-Hater: An Illustrated Tale of Two Haircuts

Author and occasional cartoonist David Gessner contrasts two giants of Western literature - Ed Abbey and Wallace Stegner - starting at the top with their most conspicuous, if superficial, difference: their chosen hairstyles.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, a fun day at the zoo gone horribly wrong, beating the odds, a murder mystery, natural disasters, the cult of celebrity, and more...

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The Best Nonfiction of the Year So Far

Including a "brief history" of humanity's future, a book by a word-nerd for word-nerds, and a couple of explorations of the darker corners of the internet.

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Destined for War

Forget Russia. Is War with China Inevitable?

Graham Allison's new book sees China as the nation we need to pay attention to. We talked with Allison about whether the U.S. and China are destined to clash, and what sparks--like North Korea--could ignite a war no one wants.

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Amazon's Best Books of July: Today's Releases

Something for speculative fiction fans, gripping nonfiction about a series of mysterious arsons that terrorized a community on the rural Virginia coast, and two impressive debuts...

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, fair food, fury, and borderland dreams deferred...

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Here's Looking at You, Thomas Jefferson (and Others)

Here's a Fourth of July book list in the form of a brief history.

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Amazon's Best Books of July: Today's Releases

A provocative novel about a washed-up cartoonist in the throes of an existential crisis, a fun and funny homage to the 1970s, and cowboys!

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