Spooky Reads

Treat Yourself to These Scary Reads, Quoth the Amazon Editorial Team

Soon it will be All Hallows Eve, when children dressed like ghouls and goblins and Donald Trumps will be roaming the streets begging for candy, and egging people’s houses that dare dole out KIND Bars (not kind, kids). To commemorate...

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Luddites Beware: "The Master Algorithm" Is Nigh

According to Pedro Domingos, the self-organizing data of the future goes well beyond book recommendations and hook-up applications; in fact, he presents a case for something of a sci-fi paradise. Here he offers five ways that artificial intelligence will change the world and the way we exist.

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"Scarred, but Unbroken": Amy Ellis Nutt on "Becoming Nicole"

Becoming Nicole rather coincidentally landed right in the middle of the transgender zeitgeist, but journalist Amy Ellis Nutt began her work on the moving story of the toddler who always knew he’d been born in the wrong body long before. She talks about how and why she wrote her exceptional book.

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Big Magic

From Goodreads: Elizabeth Gilbert Answers Your Questions about Creativity and “Big Magic”

Do you have a creative soul lurking inside you? Big Magic author Elizabeth Gilbert answers Goodreads members' questions and gives advice both practical and uplifting on how to unleash your creativity.

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Sara Says: Meet the new Neil Strauss. He just did.

I'm supposed to be the kind of person who doesn't like Neil Strauss, the books or the man. His pick-up artists' bible, The Game... well, just having two X chromosomes practically requires me to reject it as sexist clap-trap. But what about The Truth? Is Neil Strauss redeemed?

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Big Bad Bill Murray

Bill Murray is your coolest uncle: he drops by from time to time to amaze you with his latest adventure--in this case, an unpredictable role or quirky film--then shoves off again without leaving expectations about when he might return, or what he'll have done.

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Exclusive: Bob Woodward on Richard Nixon and the "Other Side of Watergate"

In this interview with Amazon Book Review Editorial Director Sara Nelson, longtime Washington Post editor and reporter Bob Woodward speaks about The Last of the President's Men, his latest (and final) foray into Nixon's White House, and why Watergate still matters.

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From IndieReader: If You Liked “Rising Strong”, You’ll LOVE…

Many authors who specialize in self-improvement choose to go the indie publishing route. Here are some great examples...

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Hell Hath Some Fury: 10 Minutes with a Punk Rock Icon

When I learned that Richard Hell would be signing samples of the new book at Book Expo America last June, I finagled a few minutes with him on the loud-and-crowded trade show floor, ostensibly to chat about the book, his musical past, and writing in general, but really to indulge some vicarious impulses, starstruck jabbering hopefully in check.

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Best Books of October

Amazon's Best Books of October: Part Two

Nonfiction fans rejoice! Part Two of the Best Books of October features books about Nixon (yes, there's actually a fascinating, and cringe-worthy, thing or two that you didn’t know about the 37th president), a CIA director, one of George Washington’s...

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