Shaken Not Stirred: Tricks of the Spy Trade

With a few months still to wait for the new James Bond film, I'm getting my espionage fix in the pages of "Ultimate Spy" checking out real-life gadgets like these...

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The Doctor Is In

Sara Says: Here Are Two Books You’ll Love in Spite of Yourself

Whether you admit it or not – come on, admit it! – you’re a snob about something. Everybody is, and most don’t like to say so. So here’s my admission...

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Excerpt: Etgar Keret's "The Seven Good Years: A Memoir"

Etgar Keret is not your usual memoirist. For his first foray into the genre—he is the author of several lauded short story collections—Keret chose the titular Seven Good Years between the birth of his son and the death of his...

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Even This I Get to Experience

Sara Says: Sometimes It’s OK to Meet Your Heroes

Not that Norman Lear was exactly a personal hero of mine; I’d never met the man or read anything about him or his life. His work, though – that’s another story! For me as for most of my peers, the shows he wrote/created/produced -- All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude...

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The Moscow Rules: Vlad Putin and the Rise of the Russian Oligarchs

With his knack for turning narrative nonfiction into stories worthy of the best thriller fiction, Ben Mezrich is one of our favorite writers. 2002's Bringing Down the House was a breathless account of how six card-counting M.I.T. students outsmarted millions...

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Bobby Wonderful

What Do We Do When a Parent Is Dying?

We, flail about, feel guilty, keep calm, carry on and otherwise do the best we can. If we're very lucky sometimes we even find humor in it...

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Rad Gifts for Grads

Enough with the pontificating commencement speeches! Let’s give our new grads a real helping hand with the wit and wisdom that lurk in these ten books.

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Draw Your Own Maps: Jeremy Collins and the Art of Adventure

Following the death of a close friend in an avalanche, Jeremy Collins set out on a series of adventures radiating out from his Kansas City home in the four cardinal directions. Drawn: The Art of Ascent is the result: a one-of-a-kind adventure book that's equal parts art, inspiration, and personal exploration.

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Lost at Sea: A Survivor's Tale

What do you get when you combine The Perfect Storm with Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage? Last Man Off, Matt Lewis's tense, first-person account about surviving a shipwreck in the Antarctic seas.

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"Nature Connection Is a Contact Sport": Raising a Wild Child

Any parent can relate: We live in an Xbox/Playstation/iPad world, and pulling your kids away from the Minecraft and pushing them out-of-doors can be a challenge--don't even mention getting them to like it. But Scott D. Sampson (Dinosaur Train!) knows a thing or two about connecting with kids, and in turn connecting kids with nature.

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