Kate and Hamlet duel

Final Shakespeare Character Duel - Hamlet vs. Kate!

The final duel pits Hamlet against Kate in a battle not to be missed! Vote to determine who will win - the mad prince of Denmark or the fiery shrew of Padua. UPDATE: The winner for the Shakespeare Character duel...

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The final four

Shakespeare Character Duel - The Final Four

Our Shakespearean characters battled hard during round two, delivering closely fought duels in which most winners vanquished their opponents by only a few points. At the end of the day, each bracket--the Bracket of Death, the Bracket of Magic, the...

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Shakespeare Character Duel - Round 2!

See which Shakespeare characters progressed to round 2, learn about their battles, and vote for who you think would win when these characters go head-to-head.

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Modern Lovers-Amazon Book Review

Weekend Reading

In this edition of Weekend Reading, delightfully dysfunctional Brooklynites, tech trends, and a novel that reminds us that even on Martha's Vineyard, bad things can happen. Erin Kodicek: I am going to check out Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, a...

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Tales of Travel, Madness, and Despair

Feel a case of Wild Man Syndrome coming on? Or how about Nangiarnek, more commonly known as Kayak Angst? For The Geography of Madness Frank Bures traveled the world in search of bizarre, inexplicable, and all-too-human maladies.

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Bloody Pen

Shakespeare Character Duel - Round One Begins!

It's another book duel! Shakespeare characters go head-to-head on the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death, and you choose the winners.

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Kylie Scott and Dirty

Kylie Scott Answers Our Questions about Her Brand-New Novel, “Dirty”

Whether she’s writing about zombie survivors or tattooed rock stars, Kylie Scott delivers heart-spinning romances that stick with you long after you finish her books. Scott talks with us about launching a new series, plain-talking in relationships, and giving her characters a reality-check.

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Consequence-Amazon Book Review

"The Truth About What I Did in Iraq": Eric Fair on "Consequence"

Chronicling his experiences as an interrogator in prisons, including the infamous Abu Ghraib, Eric Fair’s disarmingly matter-of-fact memoir addresses the moral ambiguity and emotional toll our soldiers’ actions take...

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The Song That Changed Carrie Brownstein's Life

Is there a unforgettable song that changed your life? That's the question Bob Boilen (NPR’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts) put to almost three dozen musicians, including Carrie Brownstein. Find out if her answer was Afternoon Delight.

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How Far Would You Go?

L.S. Hilton's Maestra is the book to read when you want to escape into a new clever, sexy, psychological thriller. And a story that includes financial double-dealing, murder, and a sex club or two requires some very interesting research....

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