What to Sip This Summer

The kids are out of school and summer has officially begun, which to me means the start of outdoor entertaining and serving up some really good drinks for my friends like this crowd pleaser from "Summer Cocktails"...

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Aziz Ansari Discusses Modern Romance

Aziz Ansari probably doesn't need much introduction to our readers. But some might not know that he's the author of Modern Romance, a book about, well, why modern romance is different from the uncounted and uncountable generations of romance that have come before.

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The Darkling Child

Terry Brooks on His New Shannara Novel

In this interview at Amazon’s HQ, Terry Brooks reveals his thoughts on why fantasy is so compelling, which Shannara book you should start with, and how The Darkling Child fits into the Shannara world—plus tells us how the upcoming TV series based on The Elfstones of Shannara is coming along.

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E. L. James Delivers More Nuanced Shades of “Grey”

E. L. James brings readers back to the Red Room, but the result isn’t pain. The newest addition to the Fifty Shades series is a complex and confident tale perfect for fans of the original novels.

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Primates of Park Avenue

Sara Says: I’d Be a Terrible Publisher

The talk of the publishing town – that would be New York – this past week or so has been the publication of Primates of Park Avenue, the sort-of scientific dissection of a certain breed of New York jungle animal, the Upper East Side wife and mother...

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YA Wednesday: July's Book Club Pick

Readers have voted and we have our July pick for the YA book club: Laurie Halse Anderson's "The Impossible Knife of Memory"...

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"The Water Knife" - An Interview with Author Paolo Bacigalupi

A few years ago, Paolo Bacigalupi wrote The Windup Girl, a book that combined great characterization and action with deep thoughts about our future. It's a rare talent who can perform such a feat, and a few of us were eagerly anticipating Bacigalupi's newest novel The Water Knife, which was published just a couple of weeks ago.

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Shaken Not Stirred: Tricks of the Spy Trade

With a few months still to wait for the new James Bond film, I'm getting my espionage fix in the pages of "Ultimate Spy" checking out real-life gadgets like these...

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Do You Know What You’re Talking About? Thoughts on Readers Versus “Readers”

The upcoming release on June 18 of E. L. James’ novel Grey has made me think about the state of reading recently. And I can guarantee you that I’m not thinking what you think I’m thinking.

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Jandy Nelson Answers Your Questions

As part of our YA book club launch, Jandy Nelson, the award-winning author of our first selection, "I'll Give You the Sun," agreed to take some questions submitted by readers. You asked, she answered...

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