Sara Nelson
Sara Nelson
Sara became the Editorial Director of after working as books editor at O, the Oprah magazine, and as editor in chief of Publishers Weekly. In other words, her job for many, many years has been to read a lot of books and talk and write a lot about books. Tough life, huh?

Recent posts by Sara

The Essential Rumi

Celebrate National Poetry Month

Here’s my confession of today--a day that just happens to be the first of National Poetry Month: I don’t read enough verse, I barely know cantos and I’m woefully unfamiliar with sonnets. In other words, I’m a poetry slacker...

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Prodigal Son

Catching Up with Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel: With 650 million books sold, published in 43 languages in 69 countries, just the name of this prolific author conjures images of rows and rows of mostly novels (but non-fiction and children's books as well) in your favorite book, drug, everything store...

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The World According to Garp

Sara Says...These Are Some of My Favorite "Plane Reads"

My college-age son is getting on a plane tonight for a three-month-long study abroad program in Japan. An enterprising and resilient sort, he has gotten all his paperwork in order, packed his bags, even bought a gift for his “host mother.” So last night, we sat around talking about what he should take to read on the plane...

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What Comes Next and How to Like It

Anne Lamott on Abigail Thomas, & "What Comes Next and How to Like It"

You can’t judge a book by its title, of course, but the name of Abigail Thomas’ new memoir -- What Comes Next and How to Like It -- tells a prospective reader everything she wants to know about what’s inside it. This is going to be a book about growing old, about change, and about learning to live with stuff you never thought you’d even meet...

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A Little Life

Hanya Yanagihara's Favorite Books About Male Friendship

Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life is the thinking person’s big book of the year so far, a long, complex and pretty dark look at the intertwined lives of four college friends. It reminds me of The Corrections, or a starker The Interestings, or a more linear work by David Foster Wallace...

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Born With Teeth

Sara Says...There's Something Satisfying About These Celebrity Memoirs

Oh, the promises of spring: Better weather, leaves on trees, naked ankles...And then, of course, there’s a brand new bounty of books which, I’m happy to say, this year includes a couple of straight-up, old fashioned celebrity memoirs.

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The Wild Oates Project

Living From Her Body Instead of Her Mind: Robin Rinaldi on Sowing Her Wild Oats

If you’re looking for a straightforward, uplifting memoir about a confused woman having a midlife crisis, the kind of book that you read from beginning to end, piling up in your mind questions answered and lessons learned...

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Be Format Agnostic

Sara Says: I'm Format Agnostic...And Maybe You Should Be Too

Maybe because it’s my job to read, but I was one of the first converts to e-reading, back in the day when I ran a magazine that required lots of reading (poor me) and lots of travel. (Ditto). But much...

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A Small Indiscretion

A Chance to Recover a Lost Destiny: Jan Ellison on "A Small Indiscretion"

A Small Indiscretion is a novel about one lost period in a young woman’s life. It’s part thriller, and part critical-and-nostalgic look back at youth, from a first-time novelist. Here’s Ellison’s exclusive essay on how she came to write the book...

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Preparation for the Next Life

Sara Asks...How Did I Miss This?

A couple of months ago, an agent friend of mine came to lunch with a handsome paperback novel “I think you’ll like this,” she said. This agent is one of the very best, and though I’ve known her for years, she doesn’t pitch me easily or often, preferring, I guess, to see what books (represented by her or not) organically rise to the top.

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Funny Girl

Sara Says...

One of the few, albeit minor, drawbacks of this job is that while we all get to spend a lot of time discovering books we love, we don’t always have the luxury of time to pause between books and see which ones are going to linger in our minds, which ones are going to become longterm residents on our personal Best Of Lists. I, for example, loved Nick Hornby's...

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