Sara Nelson
Sara Nelson
Sara became the Editorial Director of after working as books editor at O, the Oprah magazine, and as editor in chief of Publishers Weekly. In other words, her job for many, many years has been to read a lot of books and talk and write a lot about books. Tough life, huh?

Recent posts by Sara

City on Fire

Sara Says...My Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2015

It’s the week after Memorial Day, and as any publishing-business-follower and most readers know, that can only mean one thing: Time for the Book Expo...

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Sara Says: I’m Binging on "Dietland"

My New Favorite Book of the Moment is this wonderful, oddball, sly-if-not-downright-subversive novel called Dietland...

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War of the Encyclopaedists

The Kids AREN’T All Right: Phil Klay Talks With the Authors of "War of the Encyclopaedists"

A poet and a soldier collaborate on an exciting debut novel called War of the Encyclopaedists, a story that takes us into the lives of a group of millennials who find themselves in Seattle hipsterville and also in Baghdad...

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The Blessings

Sara Says...Five Favorites, Now in Paperback

Call me un-PC. I don’t usually count – and often don’t even notice – the gender of the authors of the books I love. (NB: I say this with all due respect to those who not only notice, but have chronicled the gender discrepancy in bestselling books.) Still, as I was unpacking boxes this week, I made the following discovery: at least five of the new or about-to-be-released paperbacks I received are...

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Empty Bookshelf

All by My Shelf

How are your bookshelves arranged? I ask because, after “What should I read next?”, how we manage our books is a very pressing question for most readers. It’s not only a utilitarian one: how many shelves do I need, are...

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Dangerous When Wet

Sara Says: Their Parents Might have Messed Them Up But We Loved Them Anyway

As the great man said, all unhappy families are not exactly alike – but neither are the thousands of books written about such families created equal (The same holds true for stories about families that aren’t exactly unhappy, but just, as they say, “have issues.”)...

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The Secrets of Carriage H

Sara Says...Check Out This Kindle Single

You know how, sometimes, when there’s a big public event – usually a disaster, but not always – say, an accident, some happening around a celebrity or maybe a royal wedding – you’re riveted to the news wherever you can find it...

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The Wisdom of Perversity

Sara Sings the Praises of the LA Times Festival of Books

This week, much of the publishing world is in the UK at the London Book Fair, one of the industry’s several trade shows at which agents, publishers and some authors convene to buy, sell and discuss the books that the rest of us hoi polloi will be hearing about in the coming seasons...

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The Light of the World

Art Fixes Life in Time: Elizabeth Alexander on "The Light of the World"

Elizabeth Alexander, an acclaimed poet perhaps best known for the poem she delivered at Barack Obama’s first inauguration, grieves the loss of her beloved husband in the earthy and elegiac, The Light of the World...

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Sara Says...Welcome to the Party

Once upon a time, before phones were smart, when tablets were just hunks of papers you carried to school, there was a literary culture. Storytelling, imparting information, analysis of those stories and that information...

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An Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen, Debut Author of "The Sympathizer"

Viet Thanh Nguyen's The Sympathizer, a major debut, is one of our selections for the Best Books of April. Amazon's Al Woodworth described the novel as follows: "Political, historical, romantic and comic, The Sympathizer is a rich and hugely gratifying story that captures the complexity of the war and what it means to be of two minds."

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