Science Fiction + Fantasy
River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey

"River of Teeth" - Not Just a Place but a Point of View

Craft Sequence series author Max Gladstone asks Sarah Gailey about her hippo-augmented alternate history of the American south. Brace yourself.

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Punch Escrow

Tal M. Klein Answers Readers' Burning Questions--and Ours--about "The Punch Escrow"

Teleportation is a tricky thing.... Tal M. Klein answers questions about instantaneous travel and whether or not it's the safest way to send the Mona Lisa--or you--from place to place.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, a laugh-out-loud book from the "Midwest’s biggest nerd," the highly-anticipated follow-up from the author of The Martian, and a cookbook for those of you with a sweet tooth...

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What to Read While You Wait for Season 8 of "Game of Thrones"

Seven books and series to fill the long months between seasons of Game of Thrones.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, life on the International Space Station, a look at the lyrics and creative process of the singer of Screaming Trees, tech-induced depression, and more.

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Star Wars Force Friday

Strap Yourself In and Get Ready to Read: Star Wars Force Friday Is September 1

New Star Wars books hitting shelves on September 1 will set fans' feet on the path toward The Last Jedi.

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Best science fiction and fantasy of August

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of August

If the solar eclipse ends up signaling that the End Times are nigh, try to read these five new SF and fantasy books before you go.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, possibly the last work from the late, great Oliver Sacks, vacation and back to school reading, viva la Western, and more...

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Hugo Award

The 2017 Hugo Awards for the Best in Science Fiction

The World Science Fiction Convention names its picks for the best writing in science fiction.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition, Renaissance men, witches, the beef on big-scale farming, and more.

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