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Tom Nissley knew he wasn't like the other kids when they assigned Thomas Hardy's "Return of the Native" in 10th grade and he spent dreamy afternoons in Wessex with Clym Yeobright and Eustacia Vye (Eustacia Vye!) and then came back to school to find that everybody else thought it was "boring."

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Top 10 Jeopardy Tips from Someone Who Didn't Expect to Become an Expert

It's a big month in the Jeopardy! world. Later this week I'll post my interview with Stephen Baker, the author of Final Jeopardy: Man Vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything, an inside account of IBM's building of Watson, the Jeopardy!-playing computer that takes on all-time J! champs Ken...

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Expand Your Shelf at Shelfari

Big news for us today is that our partners over at Shelfari have made it possible now to sign in to your account there (or create a new one) with your Amazon login, and, once you've done so, import all the Amazon book purchases in your history into your Shelfari...

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Old Media Wednesday: Reviewing the Reviewers

[with apologies for the delay] New York Times: Sunday Book Review cover: Paul Berman on The Neoconservative Persuasion by Irving Kristol: "[T]he largest of his inspirations was an insistent nostalgia for the America of his own youth — even if, in the title essay, he explicitly repudiated anything of the...

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Omni Daily News

Treacherous times: Given Mohamed ElBaradei's prominent role in the opposition demonstrations against the Egyptian regime (today he warned that the pro-Mubarak crackdown could "turn into a bloodbath"), Henry Holt has announced that they are moving up the publication date of his first book, The Age of Deception: Nuclear Diplomacy in...

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Old Media Monday Rain Check

Sorry--I try to miss my Monday evening duties as rarely as possible, but just wanted to let regular readers know that Old Media Monday will likely appear on Tuesday (or, at worst, Wednesday). Thanks for your patience. --Tom

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Omni Daily Sort-of News: McCain Aide Wrote "O"?

Well, that was quick. Faster than Michiko Kakutani can type "trite, implausible, and decidedly unfunny," speculation has reached a convincing pitch that the "Anonymous" behind O: A Presidential Novel is not someone in Obama's inner circle, but Mark Salter, John McCain's longtime speechwriter and amanuensis on books like Faith of...

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Omni Daily News

The 45s are live: Our colleagues on the Kindle side launched their first Kindle Singles list today, 20 shorter nonfiction works, each "expressed at its natural length" of 5,000 to 30,000 words. Take my being impressed with my own company with a grain of salt, of course, but it's an...

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The True True Grit

As Seira, like more or less everybody in the media world, noted this morning, True Grit, the second adaptation of Charles Portis's novel into film, was one of the top nomination-rustlers in today's Oscar announcement, and it's the most prominent book-to-movie among the contenders. (Trivia side note, which I'm sure...

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Old Media Monday: Reviewing the Reviewers

New York Times: Two reviews on the Sunday cover: Sarah Bakewell on Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche by James L. Miller: "[H]is entire book conveys a sense that the genuinely philosophical examination of a life can still lead us somewhere radically different from other kinds of reflection.... It is...

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National Book Critics Circle Nominees Announced

The National Book Critics Circle announced the nominees for their six annual awards this weekend, and perhaps because these awards reflect a critics' consensus more than other prizes with smaller juries (NBCC president Jane Ciabattari explains their process on the Daily Beast), you'll see many familiar names from the year-end...

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