Young Adult

Ten Kids' Comics That You Need to Read

Maybe you've thought about getting a young reader interested in graphic novels or wanted to check them out yourself but haven't known where to start? I get it. Author and Ambassador Gene Luen Yang is here to help...

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YA Wednesday: Book Club Q&A "The Serpent King"

Jeff Zenter, author of one of our best YA books of 2016 so far, fields our questions about snake handlers, music, and unglamorous places.

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Weekend Reading

In this edition of Weekend Reading, the latest from a National Book Award winner, highly anticipated releases from literary legends Jay McInerny and Tom Wolfe, and a book for those of you who gave up on City on Fire after 900 pages...

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The Trees

Weekend Reading

In this edition of Weekend Reading, ill-tempered trees, desperate times for desperate mothers, and our very own Jon Foro seeks closure... Adrian Liang: This summer weekend I’m going to start The Hike by Drew McGary, which melds “elements of folk tales and video games into a riveting, unforgettable adventure,” per...

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Best of the Year So Far

Best of the Year...So Far

Who doesn’t love early summer? The warm days, the cool breezes – the promise of lots of time off to read? (OK, so we’re book geeks. But you knew that.) That’s one of the reasons we pick books at the half-year mark and declare them the Best of the Year...

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Wendy walker

Weekend Reading

I n this edition of Weekend Reading, lots of depressing (but utterly riveting) books! I think the happiest one on this list is about the upending of two marriages, but hey, that could be a happy thing indeed... Chris Schluep: I’m a few chapters into Wendy Walker’s All Is Not...

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YA Wednesday: Tips from a Star-Touched Queen

I'm really enjoying the run of recent YA novels (series, really) about young women thrust into positions of power in foreign lands, who endure serious hardships, romantic entanglements, and agonizing choices. Maya, the protagonist of The Star-Touched Queen is just such a woman. Author Roshani Chokshi's debut features strong world-building...

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The 2015 Nebula Award Winners

At their annual awards gala, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America gave this year’s Nebula Awards and Andre Norton Award to the winners below while in Chicago on Saturday, May 14. Below are the finalists for the Nebula Award for best novel and the Andre Norton Award for...

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Heat and Light-Amazon Book Review

Weekend Reading

In this edition of Weekend Reading, a novel by a writer so skilled that she makes the subject of fracking interesting, the highly anticipated finale to a bestselling supernatural suspense series, and an author obsesses over the Rolling Stones. Sara Nelson: I know I’m late to the party, but the...

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Rick Yancey haiku

Poetry Month: Original Poems from Rick Yancey, Joe Hill, and Angela Duckworth

We launched National Poetry Month on April 1 with poems from some of our favorite writers about their books or their love of books, but don't worry: The fun continues all month! Here are original poems written by Rick Yancey, Seira Wilson, Joe Hill, and Angela Duckworth's eight-year-old daughter. RICK...

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